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Have you suffered from any of the following conditions?*
Heart Murmur Chest Pains or Palpitations
High Blood Cholesterol
Asthma or Respiratory Illness
Neck or back pain
Fainting or Dizziness
None of the above
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Epilepsy Medication
Beta Blocker
Ace Inhibitors
Diabetic Pills
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I acknowledge that I am participating in intense physical exercise at my own risk. I understand that before commencing an activity which involves physical exercise, ROUND 1 recommends that I should consult my doctor to ensure the activity is suitable for me. I agree to inform ROUND 1 regarding any and all the relevant information about my physical condition and of any recommendations by my doctor, and that I will keep information updated. I acknowledge that ROUND 1 accepts no liability for injury other than in respect of injury resulting from the negligence of, or failure of care by ROUND 1 and it's employees or coaches during the term of their employment. I acknowledge that ROUND 1 accepts no liability for damages or loss to personal property.
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